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Yo soy

Carlos  Quezada

Mentor | Leader | Public Speaker

My Story

I am Carlos Quezada.


I’ve been sharing my story for some time now in hopes that it would elevate my community and following generations to come.

I’m grateful that my hope has become a reality, and that I can leverage this platform to increase my impact.


I am a father, a technologist, a mentor, and public speaker. I am active in the technology, Hispanic, and leadership communities. 

But this hasn’t always been the case.


Born to humble beginnings, in the small farm town of Degollado, Jalisco Mexico – I’ve come this far because of grit, determination, heritage, faith, and the help of others.

My Commitment

My commitment is to the communities I serve.


I seek to leave a lasting impression on young technologists, Hispanic youth, and the future leaders of tomorrow.


I strive to Educate, Motivate, and Participate.

My Story
My Commitment
Areas of Expertise


Of all the work I do, this is the most meaningful to me. I’ve been privileged to coach and mentor many strong people over the past few years. Some of those individuals have grown to surpass me - given the right opportunities and mindset to seize those opportunities in front of them. Some have even created generational wealth for their families. Needless to say, having this impact is the most rewarding of the work I do.


I offer mentoring services, including free mentorships for the right individuals. Contact me to see if you qualify.


I am a leader at a large, global technology company located in Silicon Valley.

I am a leader in the Latino Community.

I am a leader in my own personal life. Leading by example and rising by helping others succeed.

Although, that leaves little time for other leadership opportunities, I am committed to helping the community. Please contact me if you believe my leadership skills can impact your efforts.

public speaking

The most effective way to accomplish my mission, to reach those in need, and to leave a lasting impact is through my public speaking practice.


I have participated in dozens of speaking opportunities and interviews over the past decade and look forward to continuing to share my story.


Check out a few of my recorded events here and reach out if you think I can leave a lasting impression on your company, community, or team.

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